RFID sniffer kit

RFID sniffer kit (no longer available)

DIY RFID sniffer kit containing professional quality circuit board, all components including battery, protective sleeve, lanyard, and assembly instructions.

Note: all parts are SMD, read instructions before ordering.

Now available as Open-Source!

€ 15
(includes world-wide shipping)

RFID sniffer, fully assembled

RFID sniffer, fully assembled (no longer available)

RFID sniffer, assembled and tested. Ready to use.

The main purpose of the RFID sniffer is to find RFID tags hidden in all kinds of plastic cards that people carry in their wallet. Like access badges, bank cards, library cards, loyalty cards, public transport passes, and so on.

To use, hold the RFID sniffer over the suspected card and press the button. A red LED will light up when a RFID tag is found.

Note: the RFID sniffer does not work on metal objects, and don't touch the antenna while operating.

€ 40
(includes world-wide shipping)

RFIDuino kit

RFIDuino kit (no longer available, replaced by SL018)

Easy to solder DIY RFIDuino kit. Through-hole parts only.

RFIDuino is a Arduino shield which can read and write 13.56 MHz ISO-14443A (Mifare) RFID tags. It plugs upside-down on top of a Arduino, maintaining a 20mm board to board spacing. Mounting hardware and assembly instructions are included. An Arduino is not included!
Now with ikTag (Mifare 1K), courtesy of Mediamatic.

Free Arduino code library available with examples for reading and writing.

€ 50
(includes world-wide shipping)